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About Freedom Through Christ 
​Freedom Through Christ Group Ministries is a program founded by Johnnie W. Foster Jr. and Steve Chislom in January of 1999. The program started out with a few members all from different church affiliations; whose sole purpose was to help those bound by drugs, alcohol and other forms of bondage through stronghold fellowship meetings that teach about spiritual warfare through scripture and personal experience. Since the start of the program, many people have come to know Christ and made the decision to turn their lives around.

Due to the dedication Freedom Through Christ has for people, the program has expanded to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and give hope to those who think they are in hopeless situations. We teach individuals that whatever God blesses us with; we are to help those who have not yet reached the potential set before them. The people in the program volunteer their time and/or money to see lives changed and have sown love into each individual.

 The mission of Freedom Through Christ is to empower individuals and communities to overcome strongholds. These struggles include but are not limited to drugs, alcohol, sex, prostitution, drug dealing, and social and economic suppression. We seek to help people overcome personal challenges and improve their environment through spiritual teachings and action oriented community based programs focused on addressing personal issues as well as community issues and concerns. We welcome collaboration with other organizations in order to get these objectives accomplished. 

Currently we have weekly group meetings operating three days a week that services between 25 – 40 people per meeting. We also assit with drug rehabilitation entry assistance as needed. We have established partnering relationships with Recovery Connections of Durham (Director: Thomas B. Bass ) Union Baptist ( Pastor Prince Rivers and Former  Pastor Kenneth R. Hammond ), Antioch Baptist (Rev./ & former Commissioner Michael Page, Mt Vernon Baptist ( Rev. Washington ), Urban Ministries ( The Homeless Shelter ) and Melvin Whitley of Tell Melvin Consulting. These organizations support us through referrals, in kind donations, and consultation. 

Freedom Through Christ welcomes time, donations and ideas, so that we can be the effective movement this and many other cities have waited so long to embrace. Some of the goals of the program are to have transitional homes for drug and alcohol abusers. an inpatient facility, a home for battered women, jobs/skills training program and a resource center. We are a birth of dedication that cultivates results, through the constant giving to those in need.

There is strength in unity, so please catch the vision and join us.