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Words Of Encouragement

Gifted to Serve...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/28/24

(Gifted to Serve) - My beloved ??, Every Christian is gifted. We do not all have the same gifts, but we are all equally gifted in the sense that God has given us the abilities and gifts we need to do what He wants us to do in the Body of Christ. God never wastes anything. Every spiritual gift and natural ability that you have been given by God is to be used in ministry. The same is true of the Church. The Church needs all of us involved and on the front lines of service. The truth is, it’s against our nature to want to serve others. But we can ask God, if we don’t already have it, to give us the attitude of a servant. This is a prayer He is pleased to answer. “God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well.” - Romans 12:6

Standing Firm...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/27/24

(Standing Firm) - My beloved ??, There are going to be plenty of times when people or circumstances will try to hold you back from God’s best in your life. But God is with you, in you, and He is your strength.

God will help you stand firm and be determined to go forward no matter who or what is coming against you. It may not always be easy, but being frustrated and unfulfilled due to being outside the will of God is more difficult than pressing through all the opposition in order to walk in His will. Through Christ you can have a quiet, inner confidence that takes you through to the finish line. Confidence in God is knowing that despite adverse circumstances, everything will work out for your good in the end. You have had victories in the past and you will have many more in the future. Ephesians 6:13-14 (ESV)

His Indwelling Presence...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/26/24

(His Indwelling Presence) - My beloved ??, To talk about God can become dreary and lackluster if God isn’t in you. Church can become a drab thing, and the Bible is an irksome book if the Holy Spirit does not illuminate your soul with His indwelling presence. The wonderful thing about it all is that God has planned life so that if our hearts are dead to spiritual things, something can be done about it. . . to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.

—Ephesians 3:19

Count Your Blessings...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/25/24

(Count Your Blessings) - My beloved ??, Christians are not altogether immune from depression. The fact is: the trend of events and the mounting tide of evil are enough to give one sobering thoughts—Christian or not. David, the sweet singer of Israel, was not always on top of his depression. Sometimes his glad song was turned to a depressive mourning. “My tears have been my meat day and night, while continually they say unto me, Where is thy God? Why art thou cast down, O my soul, and why art thou disquieted in me?” I find that the cure for depression is praise. In other words: be so busy counting your blessings, that thoughts of gloom and despair will be crowded out. . . when troubles come . . . sing his praises with much joy.

—Psalm 27:5,6 (TLB)

An Answer to Problems...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/24/24

(An Answer to Problems) - My beloved ??, Here is the answer to the world’s problems today—”Thou shalt love the Lord thy God” and “Thou shalt love thy fellowman.” That teaching is not out of date; it is absolutely relevant today. It is the only way in which the problems of the world today can be solved, whether the problems are those of individuals or of nations. If we love God with all our heart, we will have capacity to love our neighbors. True love will find an outlet in service—not merely in singing hymns, attending church, or even in praying—but in trying our utmost to prove our love, by obeying the will of our heavenly Father. . . Thou shalt love the Lord thy God. . . . Thou shalt love thy neighbor . . .

—Matthew 22:37–39

God Made Us Unique...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/23/24

(God Made Us Unique) - My beloved ??, I am a soul—and I have a body! The body is the house in which the soul lives. When Oliver Wendell Holmes was in his 80th year, a friend hailed him and asked, “How are you?” “I’m fine,” said Holmes, “the house I live in is tottering and crumbling, but Oliver Wendell Holmes is fine, thank you.” In this materialistic age we often forget that the real, the abiding part of us is invisible. Much time, money, and effort are expended to perpetuate the physical part of us, and too many are unconcerned about their spiritual health and nurture. Hence doctors’ offices are overcrowded, and many ministers’ counseling rooms are empty. When God created man, He made him distinctive, different from the other animals. “He breathed into him the breath of life and man became a living soul.” He clothed him with intelligence, conscience, and a will. He made him like Himself—a companion, a friend of God. At the resurrection, this mortal shall put on immortality, and we shall be like Him, and be with Him forever. Our soul waiteth for the Lord . . .

—Psalm 33:20

Jesus Is Transcendent...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/22/24

(Jesus Is Transcendent) - My beloved ??, No personality in history stands above Jesus Christ. Agnostics and atheists have found fault with Christian ideas, but they can never find fault with the Person of Jesus Christ. They have found fault with Christians, but not with Christ. Jesus of Nazareth transcends methods, ideas, and followers. He stands at the turning point of time. Men everywhere must bow to His superiority. Since Christianity is Christ, those who wish to be a Christian must accept and follow Him as a Person. He and He alone is able to meet every need of the human race. Come to Christ, who is the living Foundation of Rock upon which God builds; though men have spurned him, he is very precious to God who has chosen him above all others.

—1 Peter 2:4 (TLB)

Complete Victory...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/21/24

(Complete Victory) - My beloved ??, Paul once wrote, “For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary the one to the other; so that ye can not do the things that ye would” (Galatians 5:17). This is the battle or the tension that is present in us to a greater or lesser degree. So, you see, the spiritual lag that you feel is explained in the Bible. That does not mean that you accept it as the way it should be. You should make all necessary preparations for this battle which the Bible says “is not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces.” In Ephesians 6 we read that the Bible tells what preparation you should make. In the meantime, always remember that “where sin abounds, grace did much more abound.” You can have complete victory! We are told to submit ourselves unto God, and the devil will flee from us. We are also promised that “sin shall not reign over us.” . . greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

—1 John 4:4

Things Will Work Out...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/20/24

(Things Will Work Out) - My beloved ??, God wants to encourage you today to know that the things going on in your life right now that are not good or that you don’t understand will work out for good! What is happening may not be good, but God is good, and because He is good, He can take a bad, unjust, or even tragic situation and work it out for good.

The painful things in life are only part of the ingredients in our lives. There are other ingredients coming that, when mingled with the ones already present, will combine for a good outcome. Believe that you are on your way to good things!  
Romans 8:28 (NKJV)

Know Your Strengths...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/16/24

(Know Your Strengths) - My beloved ??, An important thing in gaining confidence is that you must absolutely know your strengths. What are you good at? Do you even know? Have you seriously thought about it or have you been so busy thinking about what you are not good at that you have not even noticed your abilities? Remember, God does not make junk. After God created the entire world and Adam and Eve, He looked at all of it and said, "It is very good!" Make a list of what you are good at and read it out loud to yourself at least three times a day until you gain confidence in your abilities. Thinking about what you're good at is not conceited; it is preparation to do your job with confidence. I know that anything I am good at is because God has gifted me in that area, and I thank Him all the time for the abilities He has equipped me with. Make positive affirmations to yourself every day about your qualities. Jesus came to take care of what you could not do, so let Him do His job and thank Him for it. 2 Timothy 1:6 (AMPC)

Live Creatively for Christ...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/15/24

(Live Creatively for Christ) - My beloved ??, Living creatively for Christ in the home is the acid test for any Christian man or woman. It is far easier to live an excellent life among your friends. When you are putting your best foot forward and are conscious of public opinion, then it is to live for Christ in your home. Your own family circle knows whether Christ lives in you and through you. If you are a true Christian, you will not give way at home to bad temper, impatience, fault-finding, sarcasm, unkindness, suspicion, selfishness, or laziness. Instead, you will reveal through your daily life the fruit of the Spirit, which is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, and all the other Christian virtues that round out a Christ-like personality. Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love . . . —Romans 12:10

Loving People....

by Bishop Chislom on 05/14/24

(Loving People—Trusting God) - My beloved ??, Jesus loved people, especially His disciples. He had great fellowship with them, traveled with them, ate with them, and taught them. But He didn't put His trust in them because He knew human nature. This doesn't mean He had no trust in His relationship with them; He just didn't open Himself to them in the same way that He trusted in and opened up to His heavenly Father. That is the way you should be. Many times people form close relationships and depend on their friends to be there for them instead of looking to God. But you don't want to do that. Even in the best relationships, people will disappoint you because people are not perfect. It is right to love and respect others, but always remember that only God can be counted on to never fail you! John 2:23-25 (AMPC)

He Changes Us...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/13/24

(He Changes Us) - My beloved ??, The word “mystery” means beyond human knowledge or understanding. God’s mysteries baffle the unbelieving, but bless the believer. The mystery of righteousness, like some of the other great mysteries of God, we cannot comprehend, but we know it works. We stand amazed at this great mystery which enables God to change the human heart, its attitudes, its desires, and its nature.

God, a holy God, who loves righteousness and hates wickedness, through a process of redemption has refashioned us in the image of Himself. How marvelous! For generations He has been applying His righteousness to the hearts of men. Even in our time, with its complexities of living, God is in the business of changing men and women by the mystery of righteousness. . . . that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel.
—Ephesians 6:19

Jesus Fights For Us...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/12/24

(Jesus Fights For Us) - My beloved ??, Just like Jesus feels all the things we feel, He also faces all the things we face. The hardship, the struggle, the trial, the temptation. The only difference is that Jesus faced all of those things and never sinned. Jesus took everything that Satan could throw at Him and still never gave in. He never yielded. Therefore, He can help us in our temptation because He knows what it takes to withstand it. Even though He is not here with us, Jesus is still fighting for us. He has opened the door for us to go into the very throne room of God anytime we want to, and when we do, we will find exactly what we need when we face temptation, whether we beat it or not. We will find mercy and grace because Jesus is fighting for us. Hebrews 4:14-16

The Great Exchange...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/11/24

(The Great Exchange) - My beloved ??, When we enter a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, we are offered an exchanged life. We give Him everything we are and everything we are not, and He gives us everything He is. We give Him our sin, and He gives us His righteousness; we give Him our fears and insecurities, and He gives us His faith and security. Being a Christian is much more than having our sins forgiven and trying to be good so we can go to heaven when we die. It is a glorious life of freedom, love, faith, righteousness, hope, joy, and peace. It is a life of accomplishment and bearing good fruit through Jesus that glorifies Him. When our security and our identity are in Christ, we do what we do through Him and for Him alone. 1 Corinthians 6:11 (AMPC)

The Spirit of a Conqueror...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/10/24

(The Spirit of a Conqueror) - My beloved ??, Are you living a victorious life in Christ? If you aren’t, maybe today is the day for you to begin seeing yourself differently than you have in the past, to see yourself as one who overcomes adversities, not as someone who shrinks back in fear or feels overwhelmed every time a trial comes along. You see, adversities are not optional, they are part of life, and it takes a conqueror to overcome them. Jesus Himself said that we would face trouble in this world (see John 16:33). Paul understood that obstacles were unavoidable and wrote in Romans 8:37 that we are “more than conquerors” and that we would “gain a surpassing victory.” To be more than a conqueror means that before you ever face adversity, before the battle against you even begins, you already know you will win as long as you trust God and don’t give up. That’s a promise to be grateful for—you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus!

What Say You?...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/09/24

(What Say You?) - My beloved ??, There were some who said Jesus was just a great preacher, like John the Baptist. There were others who said that Jesus was just a great person, like Elijah. Some others said Jesus was just a great prophet, like Jeremiah. Today we hear these same opinions. Jesus was a great teacher. He was a great humanitarian. He was a great example for all mankind. Most people think that Jesus was someone very special and practically every opinion about Him is a good one. “You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God: or else a madman or something worse. As Christians, we must always seek to clarify what we think about Jesus. We must never let anyone walk out of our churches without knowing what we believe about Jesus and who He claimed to be. So, what do you say about the Son of Man? Matthew 16:13-14

God Speaks through Gifts and Abilities...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/02/24

(God Speaks through Gifts and Abilities) - My beloved ??, People often wonder, What I am supposed to do with my life? What is my purpose for being alive? Does God have a plan for me? One way God answers these questions is through our natural gifts and abilities. He leads us to understand our purpose through the skills and talents He gives us. If you are not sure of your purpose in life, just do what you are good at and then watch God confirm your choices by blessing your endeavors. Don't spend your life trying to do what you are not gifted to do. When people work in jobs where they are not gifted, they are miserable—and so is everyone around them. But when people are in their proper places, they will excel in their jobs and be a blessing to their employers and coworkers. If we do what we are good at doing, we will sense God's anointing (presence and power) on our efforts. We will know we are operating in our gifts and that doing so honors God and ministers life to others. God speaks to us through this anointing, giving us peace and joy to know we are fulfilling His plan for our lives. Proverbs 16:9 (AMPC)

The Preaching of God’s Word...

by Bishop Chislom on 05/01/24

(The Preaching of God’s Word) - My beloved ??, When the Word of God is prioritized, amazing things happen. This is what happened in the early Church, “The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly” (Acts 6:7b). This literally means that the Church multiplied. The growth was so explosive that believers weren’t just being added to the Church, they were being multiplied to the Church. You don’t have to be a pastor, a theologian, or seminary trained to share the Word of God with others. You don’t have to be at a church building to draw others to Christ. You are a magnet that God can use to draw others to Himself. Think of your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and other people that God places in your life on a daily basis. God wants to use you in their lives. All you have to do is live as His disciple. “So the Word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith.” - Acts 6:7

Get Off the Treadmill...

by Bishop Chislom on 04/30/24

(Get Off the Treadmill) - My beloved ??, If you spend years on the performance treadmill of the world, it is hard to get off. When you are addicted to feeling good about yourself only when you perform well, you are in for a life of misery. It is a cycle of trying and failing, trying harder and failing again, and feeling guilty and rejected. God does not want you on the performance treadmill. He wants you to feel good about yourself whether you perform perfectly or not. He doesn’t want you to be filled with pride, but He certainly did not create you to reject yourself. If you are trapped on the performance treadmill, ask God to break the cycle in your life. Let your confidence be based on who you are in Christ. Romans 4:5-6 (AMPC)