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Stop Waiting and start trying...

by Bishop Chislom on 04/11/24

(Stop Waiting and start trying!) - My beloved ??, Many people are confused about what they are to do with their lives. They don’t know what God’s will is for them; they are without direction. If you are doing nothing with your life because you are not sure what to do, then I recommend that you pray and begin trying some things. It won’t take long before you will feel comfortable with something. It will be a perfect fit for you. Think of it this way: when you go out to buy a new outfit, you probably try on several things until you find what fits right, is comfortable, and looks good on you. Why not try the same thing with discovering your destiny? A confident person is not afraid to make mistakes, and if they do, they recover and press on. Philippians 1:6 (AMPC)

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