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Too Big to Fail...

by Bishop Chislom on 04/02/24

(Too Big to Fail) - My beloved ??, Too big to fail – tell that to the giant Goliath. Too big to fail – tell that to Old Testament Israel, the people God personally chose for Himself. Too big to fail – tell that to the Roman Empire. Too big to fail – tell that to Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. The truth is there is nothing or no one too big to fail except God, who created everything. With anything and everything else the saying is true, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” God’s grace not only saves us for eternity, it sustains us today. His grace fills every nook and cranny of our lives, giving us the strength to persevere joyfully, no matter what circumstances we may face. To put our confidence in anything or anyone other than Christ is foolish. For there is only One who is truly “Too Big to Fail.” Psalm 73:26

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