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You Belong to God...

by Bishop Chislom on 11/18/23

(You Belong to God) - My beloved ??, Everyone has an equal opportunity to see fruit in their ministry, but their willingness to love others has a lot to do with how much fruit they are going to see. The Holy Spirit revealed to me years ago: "One of the main reasons people don't walk in love is that it requires effort. Anytime they walk in love, it's going to cost them something." Love requires us to withhold some things we would like to say. Love demands that we not do some things we would like to do and that we give away some things we would like to keep. Love requires us to be patient with people. Relationships are not always easy, but they are always important to God because He values people. We need to make the effort and the sacrifices needed to love people as God wants us to love them, so we do not grieve Him. Isaiah 43:1 (AMPC)

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